07 d’octubre 2015


My sister is ballerina, yesterday she danced in “Pont del Boc de Viterna” (Copa d’Or)
It’s a bridge of old Lleida, before said there were witches…
So, my family and I went to saw her dancing.
When we arrived, we visited recreations of the costumes of the time of witches. We tasted soups and typical food and drinks. We also did some activities.
After we saw one door with two men standing guards costumes of Middle Ages.
There we got a torch, to see the way because was dark and then we could the way that leads to the bridge, where my sister danced.
When we arrived on the bridge we put in the corner to the show.
First they did little theatre and my sister and her group of danced (Baseema al Nihaia) danced with movements and dresses of witches.
I liked this very much and appeared true witches!
Secondly did a medieval dinner, we ate “Olla barrejada ”, “Carn estofada ” and for dessert apple and we drank water or wine.
I didn’t like “Olla barrejada ”. However “Carn estofada” was not bad.
When I finished dinner, my sister and her group went back to dance, but these time didn’t dance as if they were witches, they danced “Bollwood”
Bollwood is a dance of India. But this time they danced with men.
I enjoyed it!!

After we left home. I hope to repeat this day.

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