05 d’octubre 2015

What did you do yesterday?

Yesterday, it was Friday, 2nd October. 
In the morning when I woke up I prepared to go to school and I went to the school. 
In the school I had religion, English, Catalan and maths in the morning, after I had lunch and I did homework. 
In the afternoon I went to school and I had physical education and tutoring. 
In the afternoon when the school  finished, I went to learn some English in spoken classes. 
after the class my mum came for me and I got into the car and my mum drove the car to "Dominiques" , and there she left me , and I went to do gymnastics. 
At eight o'clock I finished gymnastics and me and my mum went home. 
At home I had dinner and played. Then I went to sleep.

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