11 de maig 2016


Last holidays Andrea had a new volley ball. And she invited Nerea to play with the ball at the park. The park is in front of Andrea’s house. They were playing; they were enjoying a lot and so funny. When they were playing one half, Nerea shuted the ball with the hands and the ball felt into the garden of Mrs. Trunchbull. Mrs. Trunchbull is a terrible old woman and an ogre because she doesn’t like the children.
But Andrea wanted to rescue the ball because it was new and was a present for her birthday. And finally Nerea and Andrea climbed the wall of the garden and went into the garden. Before they told to a boy to caught the ball. They threw the ball to the boy and the boy kept the ball. Nerea and Andrea climbed the wall and said thank you to the boy who kept the ball saved.

They continued playing and then Andrea shuted the ball with the hands and felt over a women’s head. She was Mrs. Trunchbull who looks but she didn’t know who threw the ball and continued walking. Nerea and Andrea went to catch the ball and watched a thief who wants to caught Mrs. Trunchbull’s bag. Andrea hit the thief and the thief fell down on the floor. Nerea called the police with her new mobile phone. Andrea immobilized the thief. When the police arrived arrested the thief and said thank you to the girls. Later Mrs. Trunchbull gave a big bag of sweets to them and said thank you. Suddenly Nerea and Andrea went to Andrea’s house and opened the big bag of sweets. They were surprised! Inside the big bag there only skittles! And finally they ate all the skittles! Because they love, but Andrea’s mum said they that they will have stomach ache but they didn’t believe her and continued eating skittles until the bag was empty. Next day Andrea and Nerea had a terrible stomach ache.

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